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2018年8月1日 : Choosing a PR Agency

Public relations specialty paperPublic Relations CommitteeTo the author.
Theme is "how to choose a PR firm"
Wrote September monthly press conference. Was seeing many PR firms and PR experience in more than one company more than twenty-five years once my own runs a PR firm is currently in. Regard should be careful choosing a PR firm is based on the experience with presumptuous is their successful experiences and failures to the base offer advice. Is that 'someone' who support as its main representative, regardless of size of the PR company is important. Only this point can't make up with organizational skills. I think descriptions to it that assumes to would be greatly appreciated. Article mainly is composed five themes. Companies should first PR firm proposals before the second know about supporting their team qualify for the PR company that meets the requirements of the company, the third, Company will change the system flexible, adapted to the circumstances of their 4th or not, finally suggestions about KPI's. Purchase this journal for more information and be able to read and appreciated. Extras, like the ones in my articles and other substantive information are Sheng-TSE mountain September issue. But the explanation point easily. It is content that should provide in advance clear information PR company to do business before the proposal is important also in the non-disclosure agreement. You may not great suggestions from a PR company in limbo and fragmentary information. Should strive to provide as much as possible detailed information including business goals, challenge, challenge targets include companies and PR departments. Is how to recognize then that meets the requirements of its own public relations firm, many PR agencies will bring a nice-looking past successes. Whether or not it meets our current challenges is another matter. You need to examine whether or not you are what could be their solution. In addition, you can find team members who support its very important. Top talent by the PR company for the acquisition of new clients coming out only when you open. Cases, even sympathizing with the presentation and the team members in the field. Any members who support the PR company or become familiar with. Don't forget whether will change the system flexible and adapted to your situation is. Company is a living thing. In the growth stage will change goals and challenges. It is the PR firms identify their rapid growth rate, let you adjust system with flexibility. For example, you want to enhance the SNS, incorporating a PR strategy for influencer or think of. If a PR firm on the business, PR, while understanding the circumstances objectively established, will support is encouraging. I think it makes the point that whether or not the last offer the KPI I KPI settings can be set depending on the business goals and target various. For example, the goals of a business and want to sell or want to attract new customers or business partners want to develop products to support PR KPIS should change. I think it can be made efficient and effective PR activities and consensus-building and Division of your organization while the PR firm suggestions about KPI settings like this for your PR activities of the company is in. Find the best PR partner is not easy. Also, it takes time. I'd also signed a retainer contract (monthly activity) as us in recent times, while according to project into the team professionals, to support growing. That benefits the more focus areas at that time in team bright experienced them it is more likely that PR companies want to achieve in the shortest distance from. What did you think. What an excellent person in it from a wealth of experience and various drawer fits their great suggestions. Please see the journal, please refer how to deal with future public relations firm to be appreciated.

2018On June 4th. : Responding to the press for housewives TV show
The other day about a month over the coverage for the special evening TV shows (Kanto regional broadcasting). It is designed for a high class food manufacturer clients. Felt in the sense of the average housewife audience, lunch at 1,000 yen higher, aware of their senses, viewers can identify with, such as preparation was necessary. Coverage is a high quality food manufacturers from all products eligible for coverage. To order items can be cooked easily cospa is more high-quality ingredients are eaten in 1,000 yen higher menu or home itadakimashita around. We made the point about the ingredients used in the product, because you know the height of the cospa commitment and excellence. Is the product safe ingredients of producer does not use any additives, to the body gently with children your home, you will enjoy. And we have taken for making their products seem visually, very delicious. While sending messages so only relate to the "taste of the restaurant can easily cook at home" and "high quality ingredients to eat less than 1000 yen cospa products", such as housewives who have successfully responding to the press. Program is depicted as you had imagined story, was a great opportunity for clients, promoting their company and its products. It is also now seen on many viewers. I think results effectively and efficiently draw important in responding to the press, and prepared to appeal for the purpose of receiving coverage in the coverage of all that is the subject of the message and approach. With practice you can come.
2018年4月19日 : With PR, factory to the local community, held a press event in the local

Approximately 3,600 people town Iwate Prefecture held a press event. Surrounded by greenery and vineyards around is not spontaneously flooded town signal even convenience stores. Our clients leave, the building is-Cho, the company President who attended elementary school and headquarters, once again established a hamburger plant to 同so elementary school gymnasium. One side effect of PR company in Tokyo, has raised awareness, but focused on branding in the Tokyo local communication was in terms of PR from this stage. In the town of about 3,600 people will project to create 100 jobs-scale in the near future. On this occasion held a press event to the local community try to communicate through the media and its purpose. Not seem that seemingly cost using elementary school, but in fact industrial zones, and compared to never clean and operational convenience. However, this President is linking Tokyo with local business model to build and can return profits to the local as dare made hamburger factory closed down the school.
Press events, including the national newspaper, economic paper, local TV, local paper invited more than 20 media people, we have high level of interest. Was heavily covered in featured on national television was in progress in order to maximize this opportunity. Do you know more about the company's obsession with keeping Office local from the President because I had almost no media, had links with local producers, the plant at new enthusiasm for talk about the Guide and the Hamburg plant of the gymnasium New products baked hamburger steak was served. 1. Utilization of the local elementary school. 2. To create jobs locally. 3. Sold at home and abroad, to return the profits to the local. That to emphasize three key messages, has been reporting on the significance of social media is not only the viewpoint of the new business. Great content that you can appeal to the local community. It is important to appeal, making the key firmly significance at a press event in the region, businesses in the area, effectiveness and contribution. Also in constant communication, trust building and the local community.

2018年1月29日 : TV Tokyo, the dawn of Gaia after approximately 100 hours of coverage finally cranked up! (TV interview)

2017In the spring, began reporting from 7/2017, to meet the producer proposals, then after a few months, safely decide coverage of client companies. In the vacation rental market at the dawn theme is about. Did you know a vacation rental? It is a service property owners rent out villas or idle assets. Today, rent vacation rentals matchmaking site is mainstream. Started as a long history of vacation rentals in the United States, and property on the newspapers from the 1950's and matching service. Has been used as a vacation home purchase loan repayment means also. Minpaku law enforced in June this year, property to rent out property owners say the farm stay in Japan doesn't mean exactly the same services began several years ago when, and starts the services of their respective owners. Attracting attention as a new business model in terms of the sharing economy, while a new law has become a hot topic recently.
2020 40 million people visit foreign visitor numbers increase the farm stay still has sparked controversy in Japan is a country where (2017 年 実績: Super 28 million) also, and That may require additional accommodation farm stay rooms are considered effective. That said there is experience with vacation rentals more than 3% of the travellers in the United States. Family and group 5-, many people travel in six nights also seem to stay for nearly a week and longer. Properties that meet such needs is present still less choices in Japan.
My client that needs to expand services, attractions, activities, dining, try cooperation area in terms of history, culture, charm and the business. Digs into such socially significant services to companies, not means needed to solve Japan's problems, many stakeholders should recognize that while we have coverage.
PR is a strategic communication process aimed at corporate and social to reap benefits from each other. In every interview, how to make strategic communications or holds the key to success.

2017December 13. : "Local producers and customers connect to" PR event held on the theme

Home / travel season, the end of the year is approaching. PR event was held at Tokyo station and entering the season such as this. Clients like the contents of the request was the replacement of commercial buildings with tenants in some stores and renovated stores announced that. PR value as I hear it and to hold events that had concerns and questions, novelty, originality, topicality, unexpectedness, dominance and seasonal factors such as what strengths can get on this project? Analyze how that PR value, for your suggestions. "Local products" is based on the main theme. Is the Ekiben was common in this time was the opening of two stores and one store renewal is obsessed with local ingredients and products. Originality is active in the use of ingredients and to hear the company's local producers make hands look, and it is common the topicality, superiority is determined. Regional creation is one of the priorities listed in the country. Contributing to the local creation, and its business model is one of world attention.
Whats yourself as lunch gatherings of media people in situ, and set during the lunchtime event. I thought busy media people as much as possible not to waste your time to sample the food, so also feel for empathy would be greatly appreciated. Briefly talking on products made with ingredients at PR events involved corporate vision, producers and representatives of companies, producers of handmade, made to and received a questions many gatherings of media. The design was also very photogenic, so goods are displayed and, like spreading the photos. Great opportunity for products while you cover the key messages as a result of each shop, local produce and store was introduced.
PR is making a strategic communication process aimed at corporate and social to reap benefits from each other. Or how to make it easier you can gain the trust of the community by accumulates is not in.